About Us


Lia Jill Levitt | Owner

Lia began her career perfecting the college essay in high school, when the captain of the football team asked her to help him flesh out his personal story for his college application essay. Through word of mouth, she gained a reputation post graduation, as someone who can painlessly draw out the story of the shyest and most hesitant to talk about themselves. Lia has combined her passion for higher education and love of writing into a long career of helping students and professionals realize and achieve their academic and career goals. 

Lia completed her undergraduate degree in Communications with an emphasis in Human Relations. She went on to begin her first Masters degree before finishing college and earned it two years later. She has an M.S. in Leadership & Strategic Management as well as a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management. Lia earned her Master of Philosophy and (presumably) final degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015. Her M.Phil is in Organizational Dynamics with an emphasis in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting. She is also a Change Management Practitioner and holds numerous professional certifications from a multitude of global training organizations in the facilitation of various leadership training and the delivery of assorted organizational development assessments and tools. 

 Lia's professional career began in nonprofits as a public speaker and curriculum development specialist, designing preventative education for a rape/ domestic violence crisis center. She went onto briefly manage a mentoring program for children with incarcerated parents before transitioning to a customer facing role at an insurance giant. Lia then was promoted to one of two curriculum designers and facilitators of a prestigious sales leadership program there, before moving onto a global engineering firm. There, she created the first leadership development program and facilitated training in South America. She was hired independent of her full time role to rewrite a translation of a German book, for relevance to English readers. She worked most recently at a financial services company heading up Learning and Leadership Development where she was responsible for career coaching, interviewing skills and various other topics, before leaving to pursue consulting and writing. She has recently consulted for global companies such as Harley Davidson and Travel Associates designing and presenting interactive content across the country. 

Lia has traveled the world to fifty countries to experience culture through meeting and interacting with local people. She is an avid reader and writer who recently finished writing a book and is in the process of seeking literary representation. She is a proud Aunt to twin girls and a nephew. Lia is a lifelong obsessed Knicks fan. She also is passionate about many philanthropic organizations and is most proud of her work as a longtime Hospice volunteer. Lia looks forward to forming a relationship with you or your family to ensure your academic and career goals become a reality.


Nick Damraksa | Math/ Science Guru

Nick is a client of Academic Architect turned employee who works with our clients to improve their Math SAT & ACT scores. He has a knack for explaining complex mathematical and scientific concepts. Clients who work with him are always impressed by his knowledge and patience. 

Nick graduated from a prestigious five year engineering program at Drexel University in Philadelphia in 2017. During Nick's engineering program, he performed various roles at his three co-op's at  Johnson & Johnson, ZebraSci Inc. and Spanco Inc. He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and had a job offer before he walked at graduation. He works as a Drafter at Edmund Optics specializing in the creation of 2D and 3D models of precision optics. 

Nick has experience in college level courses including but not limited to:  Thermodynamics |Computer Aided Design | Chemistry | Dynamics | Statics | Fundamentals of Physics I, II, III | Mechanics of Materials | Linear Algebra |Differential Equations | Calculus I, II | Multivariable Calculus | and Freshman Design I, II, III. He meets with clients via phone and Skype appointments and is an invaluable resource in increasing confidence around mathematical and scientific topics. 

Nick is a doting father to an adorable baby boy. He is proud of his Thai roots and has traveled to Thailand over ten times since he was a small child. Arrange a call with Nick today to enhance your standardized test scores in the areas of math and science.