Testimonials from our clients

Louis Polzella | Parent | Client since 2014


“Whether it is your first child heading to college or your last, it is always a stressful time. Your child is in the midst of their senior year in high school and there is a lot of activity.  And of course, emotions are running high on all fronts.  So how do you, as a parent, get your child focused on college prep activities with all the high school senior distractions?    

I highly recommend that you enlist the services of Lia Levitt . I hired Lia for both of my girls, Lauren and Mattea. Lia gently, but confidently, directed Lauren and Mattea in the steps needed to position them for acceptance into the best college or university for them. She assisted with the completion of online forms. She walked them through important considerations in terms of how many and which schools to apply to. Lia was a master in helping Lauren and Mattea frame and write their college essay – a much needed, but dreaded, component of applying to schools. 

I can go on and on about the expert services that Lia offers. But it is just as important that I share how Lia connects with the students. She has a communication style that is effortless, sincere, and invigorating. Lia connects with her clients in the first moment they meet. Your child will look forward to meeting with her as she puts them at ease and instills confidence that together they will succeed. 

As old adage goes “the proof is in the pudding.” Lauren is a thriving junior Psychology Major at Endicott College, already looking into Grad schools (we will be calling Lia again) and Mattea was just accepted to UConn Storrs in the School of Business."

Sarah Vaccarelli | Student at Emmanuel College

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Lia! All of my anxieties concerning the college application process melted away after just a few meetings with her. From the SATs to prepping for college interviews, she was a fountain of knowledge and advice. Where school counselors and parents may be lacking, she excels. She knows the ins and outs of the often daunting process and deftly guided me through it, always highlighting the light at the end of the tunnel: my own future. Her counseling changed the course of my college application process and my attitude about growing up and "leaving the nest." Through working with Lia, I discovered new things about myself and gained a sense of autonomy as I realized that where I go from high school is entirely up to me and my ability to grab the opportunities presented to me. Choosing Lia to be my counselor during my application process was the best choice I made, and I consider myself lucky to have worked with her."

Joan Strielkauskas | Parent | Client since 2015


"I was referred to Lia by a friend whose daughter had a great experience working with her. She helped her get accepted in to her dream college. Lia worked with both my son and daughter on all aspects of the college application process. She also discussed college options with them which helped both my children in deciding which colleges would fit their academic and personal needs. Lia made the entire college application process stress free for both my children and me. My daughter received a great package from her first choice school, Emmanuel, which brought her tuition from $55,154 to $18,654 because of scholarships and grants.  Thank you for all you do for the kids. I would highly recommend Lia."

Christina Pimentel | K- 4 Enrichment Teacher | Redding, CT

"As a busy mom and career woman, the thought of looking for other work opportunities is overwhelming! My resume had not been looked at in over 10 years and I had no idea where to start.   With the guidance and support of Lia Levitt, the process became manageable. Lia listened to my experiences and redesigned my resume to make it reflective of not only who I was professionally, but also gave it a personal touch. This personal touch was above and beyond anything that I expected.  She made suggestions and guided me towards what I was really looking for in my next job in a way that was both smart and caring.  Lia took the time to meet with me and to send me versions of what she had put together, always asking for my input and making changes to my liking.  To this day, she still sends me postings that she thinks I may be interested in! I recently referred my cousin to Lia and she is now I am sure, crafting a resume that will get her results as well. I highly recommend Lia to help you with your journey in the job market, whether you are just starting out or making a change."

Olesya Cherepanova | Patient Financial Services Reimbursement Analyst | Western CT Health Network

“After my graduation and moving from New York to Connecticut, I did not know how I could start to build my career from scratch. Lia Levitt coached me through every single step from pursuing the start of my job search until I found a new position. She taught me how to build the perfect professional resume, helped me to overcome my interview anxiety and master interview questions through practicing together and how to highlight my professional and personal skills. She gave me all of the possible directions where I could find the perfect position for my career path. I was able to land a new job at an employer within commuting distance shortly after her career coaching.” 

Kelly Vornkahl | BCBA Behavior Consultant | Michelle Ragozzine & Associates

"I was referred to Lia by my cousin when I needed to give my resume a facelift. Lia made this mundane task fun! She also offered to help create a cover letter for the specific position I was interested in. After receiving it, I applied for the job I was interested in and within a week and was thrilled to find out I'd gotten an interview! I believe I have a better chance now of getting this or other similar jobs with my new customized and modern resume."

Lia is reliable, quick to respond and answered all of my questions! I loved working with her and would recommend to anyone who needs an expert in this area!" 

Testimonials from our clients

Roseann Pelletier | Parent | Client since 2015


"As an educator myself, I thought helping my children with the  essay and application process for college would be manageable. Well to say the least, it is anything but manageable. As I took on the feat with my first child, the process was beyond daunting. The stress and anxiety between my daughter and I made it a very stressful experience. By the time my second child was ready for college, I was recommended to call Lia Levitt for her services. I can't begin to tell you how easy this was. She is so knowledgeable about the process from beginning to end and most importantly she took on this task so calmly that it put all of us immediately at ease.

My son interacted positively with her immediately and surprisingly she pulled ideas out of him both for majors to topics for an essay literally in the first appointment. The entire process was completed quickly and all of us were very pleased with the results. He was accepted into Bentley University, which was his first choice school. A few years later Lia helped him with his resume and he landed an amazing internship.

Finally, my third child saw Lia for the college process and she is on the shy side and had no idea what she wanted to major in. Lia sat with her and discussed her interests and she was able to help her find a major.  Once again she was able to get my child to discuss their future plans and give them ideas to spark their interests. The ideas seem to just flow and I couldn't be more grateful.  She will be attending Quinnipiac University in the fall and also received quite a few scholarships. 

I highly recommend Lia Levitt from beginning the college applications to resume and interviewing strategies. Her expertise is top notch and her demeanor is calm and professional. I truly believe my children's' success is due to the help of Lia Levitt. "

Tracy O'Sullivan | Parent | Client since 2015


"Lia helped my family navigate the college application process. Lia had a tremendous amount of insight to offer regarding the college admissions process. Lia easily connected with my children to build a partnership to help them make the most informed decision. I would highly recommend Lia to anyone with a child getting ready to go through this process. 


I will be using Lia this summer to work with my daughter and then finally for my fourth and youngest child. 

Lia's insight, knowledge, patience, and genuine commitment for your child’s best interest makes her truly special!"

Jacquie Swanson | Parent | Client since 2016

"What a relief!  When my daughter was entering her senior year in high school, she was unclear about what she wanted to do with THE REST OF HER LIFE, and where to go to college.  Enter Lia Levitt.  She met with my daughter on a weekly basis, and together they came up with a plan of career options and colleges to apply to.  She helped with the common application and they worked on it slowly so that it was not overwhelming.  

The high school guidance counselors are good, but they are overwhelmed, and Lia provided that personal touch that we were looking for.  She helped with the dreaded college essay, and with formulating a list of accomplishments that was useful in the application process. She was very good at keeping my daughter on task, in a way that only someone who is not the mom can do. . Her schedule is very accommodating (evenings and weekends), and she has numerous contacts that she can reach out to, both in the professional world and in the academic admissions arena.  She is so good, that I am going to schedule extra sessions with my younger daughter so that she can get an even better head start.  

My final thought on Lia:  Hire her!"

Amanda Hill | Account Manager, Compensation & Benefits | Fortune 500 Global Advisory Firm

"When I was looking for a new job, Lia was recommend to me to hire to help "re-vamp" my resume. I had over 10 years with one company and I didn't know where to begin to get it updated to be relevant in this new recruiting climate. Lia was very professional and helped me create the right resume to obtain the position I was looking for. She helped me make sense of a 25+ year career path and to put into words what I was trying to convey to potential employers. 

Lia was there every step of the way and I found her service to be a great benefit. I would recommend her to any one who is looking to change their current position or if they are just starting out, she will be able to help you put into words what a potential employer wants to hear. She is up to date on the hiring trends and will help you land the position you are looking for. She also offers interview prep and other services to get you ready once you get an interview. I did not use her for this but I am sure she would have been an asset had I needed this service also."

Mack Coli | Controller | Environmental and Industrial Services Firm

Updating a resume and/or writing a cover letter isn’t the easiest of tasks.  I was looking to change jobs but my resume was four years old. I attempted to update it myself but I was making it worse, a lot of words but little substance.  Lia offers more than just resume services; she is a coach, mentor, and a true professional. She was patient, very knowledgeable and best of all she sought my input.  It wasn’t just, here fix my resume, Lia kept me involved every step of the way and answered all my questions.

Lia, thank you so much for taking the time to go over my resume with a fine tooth comb and working your magic!  Now I am more confident with my job prospects as my new resume will now open a lot more doors.

Courtney Killeen | Student, Brookfield High School

As a Junior in High School and being the oldest child in my family, the mere thought of applying to college brought me to tears. I didn’t know the first thing about the application process aside from the quick presentation from my guidance counselor at school. I knew I couldn’t do it alone . 

Looking back on everything Lia helped me to accomplish, it was one of the best decisions I made in preparing for my future. Not only did she help me in picking the right schools for myself, writing my essay, and working on my application but she helped me to restore confidence in myself and my abilities. 

I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without Lia. She has a way of making  the process stress free and exciting as it should be!

Together we applied to nine schools and I was admitted into eight of nine which seemed impossible at the beginning. With this amazing result I am so lucky to have the opportunity to have worked side by side with Lia and I would HIGHLY reccomend hiring her! You won’t regret it!

Testimonials from our clients

Thomas Mix | Parent | Client since 2018

I wanted to take a moment to write a recommendation for Lia Jill.  The college process can be a harrowing time not only for the HS graduate but also for the parents and that is where Lia comes in.  First off, she did an outstanding job of connecting with our son.  She makes it a point to identify areas of interest and commonality to build a bond as well as trust.  

She is exceptionally organized, taking a very chaotic process with numerous deadlines and requirements keeping both the student and parents on task.  We were able to finish 10 applications all early or on time which I personally never thought would happen.  

Finally, she is an exceptional writer (sadly that did not spill over to me...sorry Lia) and not just your 'garden variety' subjects.  More specifically she was able to really define him in multiple different essays (to the tune of 15+ based on each college and their requirements) subject matter that was really important to him.  This really motivated him to work collaboratively with her to accurately capture who he is as a person outside of just his academics. 

 So for these reasons, if this is the type of College Consultant you are looking for I would recommend Lia, feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions!

Cyndi Smalley-Markovitz | Parent | Client since 2018

If you need someone to help your child reach out and grab their greatest potential then Lia is there for them. I am a busy working mom that try’s to be there for her children during the good times and the difficult times. The beginning of senior year  can be a tough one for both the child and the parent. We have a very intelligent child that is good at a lot of things and is in the top percentile of her class but, struggled with the college essay. Although, she was writing her college essay as part of her  English assignment at school she was not happy with the out come of the essays she had written.

Sure the teacher at school was helping her write an essay but, neither of them were very happy with them - since the essay topic had been changed several times. She had mentioned that they just didn’t meet her high expectations of what she wanted her  essay should say to the college admissions. I was not sure if it was just the stress of whole ideal and wasn’t sure how it was going to get completed and we were running out of time. By some miracle I met Lia - she was heaven sent. Once our daughter started  working with Lia she was finally at easy and was able to create an amazing essay. She was passionate about the essay and was finally excited about applying to the schools of her choice. Thanks to Lia our daughter was able to find the confidence she needed  in this stressful situation and was able to shine!  Thank you, Lia! Your time and support have given our daughter a gift of a lifetime!
Grateful Mom

Joanne Martin | Parent | Client since 2018

It is my pleasure to recommend Lia for college counseling for any junior or senior high school student. Lia assisted my son with choosing his essay topic, worked on his writing style, and pushed him to his maximum potential until the essay was perfect for all the applications. 

With Lia's assistance in the college process, my son was accepted to his first choice school, during a highly competitive year of acceptances. Moreover, Lia is excellent in trying to find the right fit for a student in the college matching process, using a student's credentials, resume, and keeping all future goals in mind. 

Lia also helped my son by tutoring him in reading comprehension for the SAT, a job no other tutor was able to accomplish. She is patient, diligent, knowledgeable, and truly enjoys working with students.