High School Student Advisory Packages


College Admissions Student Packages


As a College Admissions Consultant we will work with your son/ daughter to:

  • Get to know them and their interests through a mentoring based approach
  • Partner with them to advise on school & major selection
  • Offer superior essay advising, editing and best in class packaging of your son/ daughters college applications 
  • Comprehensive preparation for the SAT, ACT and SAT subject tests, as well as implementation of test taking anxiety strategies  and question style preparedness
  • Work to prepare a list of schools balanced between reaches, average chance and safety schools
  • Baseline your son/ daughter to the rest of the country by researching and providing admissions statistics
  • Help maintain a realistic approach to the process by sharing personal, practical and professional information about careers, lifestyles based by job, & balancing work, education, sports, and activities
  • Help fill out and edit Common App, Supplementary Apps, and School specific apps, as well as SAT/ACT registrations, Naviance, and scholarship forms
  • Share the use of our custom high school resume and activity sheet template and complete one together with the student
  • Advise on SAT, SAT Subject tests, ACT, test scores, teacher recommendations, and successfully partnering with guidance counselors, coaches, and other associated parties
  • Set-up, remind about, and enforce timelines, due dates etc.
  • Support students with specific homework assignments with an emphasis on time management, college level writing skills and critical analysis  
  • Support application and materials for admission into the National Honor Society including essay and resume
  • Develop and complete essays for scholarships and additional funding for college
  • Diminish stress for the entire family by proving neutral support, data, coaching, and encouragement to all members

As a College Consultant we will not:

  • Guarantee your child’s acceptance at any college.
  • Complete Financial Aid Forms or help to fill out the FAFSA form or CSS profile
  • Sign your child’s name physically or electronically on any documents as related to this process
  • Breach your family’s confidentiality 

High School Student Packages

We offer two packages designed to meet your needs and your budget. Both offer mentoring based expert consultation and include services such as: 

Superior essay advising, editing, and best in class packaging of your son or daughters college applications 

Custom one on one tutoring (designed for revised 2018 SAT Math, & Verbal Sections) & Senior Year Spring College Preparatory Event focused on campus safety and building relationships with faculty

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