Innovative Programming for Teens and Adults


Introducing ... It's Not Fair: How to Beat the Coronavirus Blues

Weekly Program Themes

Week One: How is this even real? Digesting and Discussing the Socially Distant Life

Parent Companion Topic | Processing the Pandemic: How is this affecting your family?

Week Two: Stress is a Mess! From Hoping to Coping

Parent Companion Topic |  I'm About to Lose my Mind: A Stress Solution
Week Three: From Rut to Routine: A Sanity Plan

Parent Companion Topic |  Reinforcing Routine: How to Achieve Buy-In from your Kid (s) 
Week Four: An Attitude of Gratitude: Wish upon Wellness

Parent Companion Topic |  The Wonder of Wellness: Modeling Gratitude for your Family
Week Five: An Unclear Future: Creating Clarity and Positive Plans

Parent Companion Topic |  How to Plan for the Unknown: Supporting your Teen/Tweens


  • Create a forum for students and parents to separately air their concerns, feelings and grief over the current pandemic
  • Detail tangible strategies to support students and parents in developing and harnessing existing coping mechanisms to positively contribute to their physical, mental and social-emotional well-being
  • Provide succinct and actionable plans to students and parents to increase positive dialogue, lessen gaps in perspective and offer realistic next steps to handling pandemic related issues
  • Offer perspective on real issues facing the social, emotional, educational and physical implications of COVID-19 with an emphasis on gratitude, openness to positivity and solution orientation 

Programs to Engage Tweens and Teens

“Leadership in Learning and Life”

  This program is a 15-20 hour (can be extended) series, which includes the following topics (all can function as stand alone programs):
 o Knowing and leading with values
 o Understanding and enhancing your management style and techniques
 o Communication Leadership- communicating with impact through writing and speaking
 o Personal empowerment including self-advocacy
 o Setting and achieving educational and life goals

Standalone Topics for Teens and Tweens

  • College Level Writing for High School Students
  • College Admissions Planning
  • Deconstructing the College Essay
  • Combating Peer Pressure 
  • Organizing and balancing life in high school and beyond
  • Adulting: a Crash Course
  • C Squared| The Confidence Quotient 
  • Friend/ Enemy | Surviving Cliques and Friend Drama
  • What do I want to be: Navigating Career Options
  • College Crash Course: How to Survive & Thrive the 1st Semester & Beyond

Communications Programs for Adults

Advanced Communications courses include:

o Interviewing Skills – how to sell yourself comfortably  

o Creation of resume, cover letter, thank you follow up notes, and other professional written communications

o Interpersonal Communications- communication savvy for the budding professional 

o An exploration of kindness and empathy

o Intercultural Diversity and sensitivity 

o Communication and technology – advantages and implications

o Creating and managing your personal brand including looking the part and networking success 

o Self-confidence and personal empowerment including self-advocacy

Building your personal brand

Workshops or Workshop Series for Adults Reentering the Workforce

o Brand Buoyancy: How to Reclaim, Repair & Reimagine your Brand

o Creation of resume, cover letter, thank you follow up notes, and other professional written communications

o Creating and maintaining a presence on LinkedIn 

o Interviewing Skills – how to sell yourself in today’s job market  

o Workplace communications strategies – presentations, pitfalls and pick me ups

College Admissions Related Topics

  • "Acing College Admissions: an Uncommonly Legal Approach" 
  • Top Ten Essay Writing Mistakes that will Carry to College
  • Everything Parents with Middle School Kids can do NOW to prepare for College Admissions
  • How to Stay Sane throughout the College Admissions Process 

Additional Programming Options for Professionals

 We are experienced in designing for and presenting to a global audience in person, via webinar, video conference, or blended learning experience on a multitude of topics including but not limited to:

  • Public Speaking, Workshop Facilitation and Communicating  for Maximum Impact (a hybrid of presentation excellence and both internal and external customer connectivity
  • Business Writing/ Writing for Impact 
  • Change Management, Leading Change and Change Strategies for Individual Contributors
  • Time Management/ Time Hacks/ Productivity 
  • Building Resilience/ Coping Skills for Busy Professionals
  • Performance Management/ Using the 9 Box
  • Interviewing Skills / Behavioral Interviewing 
  • Using a six step problem solving methodology for any business problem
  • Courses using assessments such as DiSC, LIFO, StrengthQuest etc. 
  • Networking Skills and Strategies 
  • Consultative Sales training and capability

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